Technical & User Support

Get the Advantage of our SUPPORT...

Our technical support personnel are full time programmers. This means when you have a technical systems problem you may be talking to the person who programmed the application. Not only can they identify any problems quickly, they have the expertise to solve them...right now; as they are on-line with your system!

Because they write software, they know how to support it. If you need something new added to the existing software, or are doing something outside of the manuals they can still help you. With a connection to the Internet and appropriate software they can connect to your system to see a problem, make an update or add a modification to your system.

"If it is in the data, we can help you get it out! In addition to their expertise in actually operating our software, our user support personnel are quite skilled at database extraction and analysis techniques. Client database inquiry questions are resolved quickly.

Our technical staff have earned an outstanding reputation in the industry for their timely, responsive, caring and skilled answers to our clients questions.