The Clear Advantage

Advantage Solutions staff will take responsibility for designing, programming, implementing, training and supporting your information systems.  Your staff can focus on accomplishing your organization’s mission.

Serving systems needs for over 20 years for many different types of organizations is why we have over 25 pre-programmed software modules available today and are constantly creating new modules to address the changing needs of our clients. Not only can you rely upon us to implement that new program, but chances are our staff has already implemented a similar solution for someone else.

Can your existing system be refined to adapt to tomorrow’s needs?

You constantly are seeing opportunities to improve existing programs to make them more effective, efficient, and responsive to your management. With Clear Advantage, your system can be as dynamic as your needs are. We are fine-tuning Advantage software to client's specific needs every day.

Are you getting the systems support you deserve when you have problems?

Our support goes beyond reading the user manual to you.  Our support personnel are programmers who know the software.  They can help you correct data entry errors, build new reports, and meet new challenges.  We believe that our mission is to support our users.

Clear Advantage ----- Focus on the Mission