j0149671Since 1980, ADVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. has been creating and supporting database applications.

With over 30 years experience in developing applications for both not-for-profit and for profit organizations, we have the experience to assist your organization.  We specialize in donor fund-raising, and fund accounting applications.  We are experienced in data conversion, integration, and the import & export of data to various applications.


Our real strength is the way we support your application, making enhancements, changes and integrating them with other applications as needed.


We specialize in Multi-value / PICK databases such as:





Advanced Revelation


Mentor Pro

Advanced Pick



Below are a few areas of existing applications and expertise:


*       Fund  Accounting

*        Fund Raising (Donor Management)

*       Church Management

*         Inventory

*       Custom Programming

*         Contract Programming


With all of our applications you get our excellent support.  You actually talk to real people who go beyond telling you what is in the manual and help you solve your data processing problems or create that new report that you need. 


When you purchase our software or services you get our 30+ years of experience, built in flexibility, on-going support, and the ability to integrate with other applications.